Flower Market Circular – 9 February 2021

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In this edition of the Flower Market Circular:

– Valentine’s Day 2021
– Drug and alcohol testing
– Latest COVID information

Valentine’s Day 2021
Give Fresh Flowers. Can you even Valentine without them?

Don’t forget to pick up your point of sale posters before Valentine’s Day from the Customer Service Centre. 
There are four styles of the poster to choose from, including;

– A couple kissing behind flowers
– A couple walking hand-in-hand holding flowers
– A person with surprise flowers behind their back
– Same-sex couple admiring flowers

This year’s Valentine’s Day campaign is designed to drive people to ‘Do it Right’ and give fresh flowers.
A play on words has been used and implies that flowers are essential; there is no point doing Valentine’s Day without them.

The campaign includes:
– Four different point-of-sale posters in A2 size 
– Radio ad campaign
– A targeted social media campaign with ads on Instagram and Facebook

Face masks required indoors
As communicated last week, the Victorian Government has re-introduced a range of restrictions after a hotel quarantine worker tested positive to COVID-19. 

Face masks are required to be worn in all indoor locations at the Melbourne Market, including, on the Buyers’ Walk, trading floor, flower market, stores, commercial tenancies, offices and in cafes (except when consuming food and drink).
Face masks should also be worn outdoors in any situation where social distancing cannot be maintained. 

Market users are also reminded to:Remain at least 1.5 metres from other Market users wherever possibleWash and sanitise hands regularlyDetailed information regarding COVID operational changes at the Market can be found at www.melbournemarket.com.au/melbourne-market-coronavirus-covid-19-response/.

 Lunar New Year 2021

As previously communicated, due to COVID risks and the inability to adequately social distance, the Chinese Youth Society of Melbourne will not be performing the traditional lion dance and blessings through the market this year. 

We will be acknowledging the event with a small scale celebration next Tuesday, 16 February, so keep an eye out as we make our way through the market. 
2021 is the year of the Ox. In Chinese culture, the Ox is a valued animal, because of its role in agriculture, and positive characteristics, such as being hardworking and honest.

What’s your sign?
In Western astrology, your sign is linked to a constellation determined by when your birthday falls in the calendar. But according to the Chinese zodiac (生肖), it’s your shuxiang, meaning the animal assigned to your birth year. Of the many stories explaining these animal signs and their arrangement, the most enduring is The Great Race.

Watch the video above to understand more about the Chinese Zodiac.

Brush up on your indoor plant knowledge 

With the popularity of indoor plants soaring over the last few years, many florists are taking advantage of the emerging trend and stocking a range of plants in their retail stores.

Novice plant enthusiasts everywhere are trying to keep their plants flourishing at home, so the local florist is no doubt coming across questions from consumers, perhaps about lighting, styling and pest control. 

Below we’ve come across some great articles for florists keen to brush up on their indoor plant know-how!

How to find the best light for indoor plants – All plants need some light to create energy and survive. But not all light is created equal. This article details the types of light in the home and where to best position different species. 

15 indoor plants that are native to Australia – with the ‘buy local’ sentiment continuing to grow, consumers may be keen to carry that theme into their plant purchases. Read on to find out which native Australian plant species can not only survive but thrive indoors. 

How to treat common indoor plant pests and fungus – While a plague of pests and fungus can make short work of an indoor plant collection, there’s no need to panic. This article lists all the common problems and solutions your customers might see with their indoor plants.

The Great Indoors – Plant Styling – Interior designers use shape, texture, and colour to make a space look and feel a certain way, and you can apply the same principles to plant styling.

There are a number of growers and wholesalers at the Melbourne Flower Market who sell a wide variety of indoor plants. You’re sure to find everything you need for your indoor plant-loving consumers under the one roof at the Melbourne Flower Market. 
Annual access card renewals

Over the past fortnight, Business Principals would have received a letter asking them to review all access cardholders currently listed with their business.
The purpose of the review is to provide the MMA with details about which cardholders to renew, and which to remove, in the lead up to April’s market-wide access card renewal. 
It is important that you respond to this letter as soon as possible, so you are not invoiced for cardholders who are no longer in your employment. 
If you have any questions, please contact the Customer Service Centre.
Drug and Alcohol testing at the market

The MMA is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for all Market users.
When individuals are affected by drugs or alcohol, it can influence their fitness for work and can be a contributing factor in workplace incidents and injuries.
All persons entering the Melbourne Market site, must at all times, be fit for duty. 
Market Operating Rules
 make clear that a person on Market Land must not have a blood alcohol content (BAC) over 0.00%, or be under the influence of prohibited drugs.  

The Melbourne Market has several testing mechanisms in place to support the market’s drug and alcohol policy, these include;

– Alcohol breathalysers at Gate 1 security
– Alcohol breathalysers on the Buyers’ Walk
– Random drug and alcohol testing by third-party providers

During much of 2020, these testing mechanisms were not in place to reduce any risk of COVID transmission. However, as drug and alcohol testing companies introduce COVID Safe measures and COVID risk is reduced, drug and alcohol testing will be regularly conducted again at the Melbourne Market. 

Alcohol breathalysers at Gate 1 security

As part of the induction process, persons without an access card wishing to enter the Melbourne Market must undertake an alcohol breath test.
A person must return a zero-alcohol reading before being able to enter the Market. This includes contractors, visitors and truck drivers without an access card. This process also applies to those who have forgotten their access card and require temporary entry access through the gate 1 security office.

Alcohol breathalysers on the Buyers’ Walk
Alcohol breathalysers are installed on the Buyer’s Walk.
These breathalysers are a tool for business principals and managers to use in conjunction with any alcohol policy individual businesses may have. The breathalysers on the Buyer’s Walk are fitted with a privacy hood, and any positive alcohol reading on these machines remains confidential. If a business principal suspects a staff member is affected by alcohol, these breathalysers can be used as a tool to provide certainty. What each business principal does with the information provided by the breathalyser is up to individual businesses.

Alcohol breathalysers and COVID safety
The manufacturer of the Alcolizer Wall Mount 4 machines (WM4) used at the market have confirmed that the device is COVID Safe and the machines are certified annually as compliant with Australian Standard AS3547:1997.

In addition;

– Units and surrounding surfaces are thoroughly and regularly cleaned
multiple times per day.
– Testing straws provided are individually wrapped and disposed of after
each use.
– The WM4 will automatically start when the donor begins blowing; there
is no requirement for the screen or machine to be touched during
– WM4 units have an internal sample system for analysing the donor’s
breath which is protected by a metal case from contact by the donor.
Any surplus moisture or saliva is captured and exits the machine via the
drain tube away from the donor.

Random drug and alcohol testing by third-party providers
The MMA engage third party providers to conduct random drug and alcohol testing on-site. Any persons who return a non-negative drug or alcohol test result will not be permitted to remain on Market Land and may also be subject to disciplinary action per the Market Operating Rules, including but not limited to being suspended from the Market. You can read more information about random drug and alcohol testing on the market website by clicking here

TDAA (The Drug Detection Agency) is the provider who has been engaged to conduct random testing. TDAA have a thorough and detailed COVIDSafe Plan in place which includes a modified testing environment with perspex screens (pictured below). Testers will be wearing masks, and there are facilities for hand washing and sanitising. The high-use internal surfaces of the testing van will be cleaned with a bleach-based solution before and after each test.

If you have any questions about the Melbourne Market’s drug and alcohol policy, speak to your business principal or a Market Relations Officer. 


Fire Warden training

Business principals can nominate themselves, or a representative from their business, to attend a fire warden training course, free of charge. 
Those who attend the training will gain the skills needed to be a fire warden for their business in the event of an emergency.
Email amanda.flannery@melbournemarket.com.au if you’d like to attend. 

When: Wednesday 3 March, 5.00- 6.00 am
Where: Conference Room, Ground Floor, Administration Building
Cost: Free of charge
Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show 2021 will not go ahead in March
With the high-risk and uncertain nature of running large scale events in a COVID-19 climate, Flowers Victoria has advised that a decision has been made to not proceed with the scheduled dates, 24-28 March 2021, for the
Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show. 

Melbourne Market Job Board

Do you have a vacancy to fill in your business?
Email submissions@melbournemarket.com.au for the position to be placed on our new online job board. Jobs will be posted in the weekly newsletter and on the Melbourne Market website.
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