Flower Market Circular – 7 September 2022

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In this edition of the Flower Market Circular:

– Melbourne Market’s Great Big Feast
– Children in the Market
– Updated Melbourne Market Operating Rules

Market News

Have you heard about Melbourne Market’s Great Big Feast? You won’t want to miss this exciting event – watch the video to learn more.Click here to secure your table now!

Register now for Children in the Market

The Children in the Market event is back on Tuesday, 27 and Wednesday, 28 September. Join us for a fun morning filled with many activities!

Children must be pre-registered before the event and accompanied by their parent or guardian. Please complete the registration form here, print it, and return it to customer service. 

As well as ensuring children enjoy their time at the market our biggest priority is safety. We ask all market users to be especially vigilant and be conscious that children will be onsite over these two days. 

*Please note: All submitted forms will be automatically approved unless you are notified otherwise.

Updated Melbourne Market Operating Rules
The MMA recently undertook a review of the site Operating Rules and has made changes to improve the health, safety and overall operation of the Melbourne Market.

Businesses and Market users must familiarise themselves with the changes. The complete updated Operating Rules can be found online.

The changes include increased ‘demerit points’ to the following rules:

Operating Rule 4 – Conduct on Market Land
Operating Rule 9 – Vehicle, Road & Traffic Management
Operating Rule 10 – Specific Vehicle Restrictions
Operating Rule 12 – Workplace Health & Safety

In addition, there is a new operating rule relating to forklifts and other ‘Approved Vehicles’:
Operating Rule 10.1 Forklift and Market Approved Vehicles
A Person on Market Land must not:
(c) operate or drive a forklift or Market Approved Vehicle:
       vi) carrying a load that exceeds the height or capacity of forklifts data plate;
(f) Operate use a Forklift to tow without prior written approval of the manufacturer and the MMA.

All operating rule changes came into effect as of 1 September 2022.
Should you have any questions, please contact Rob Rotondi, Operations Manager on 03 9258 6169 or Amy Dyer, Assistant Operations Manager on 03 9258 6128. 

R U OK? Day – September 8
R U OK? has developed four conversation steps to give you the skills and confidence to navigate a conversation with someone you’re worried about.
For further assistance on how to start a conversation, you can download the ‘How to Ask’ guide here or sign up to gain access to a number of resources such as Guides to Supporting R U OK?Day, Conversation Guides, Posters, Social Media Tiles, Digital Resources and Activity Sheets.

Can Drones Benefit Flower Farms?

Drones are benefitting farmers in many different sectors of agriculture. They’re seen as game-changing technology for some, providing a new set of data to help make the all-important farming decisions easier.

So, what are the benefits right now?

Aerial photography – A drone can accurately survey the area whether it’s a tight space or a wide open field and capture high-definition images which can then be used to determine changes over time, and create detailed three-dimensional maps.
Monitoring – Photos and real-time coverage from drones enable farmers to inspect irrigation equipment, monitor pesticides and fertilisers and gather plant and environmental data to precisely survey crops.
Applying pesticides, herbicides and fertilisers – Drones are already replacing traditional crop dusters. They can be equipped with large reservoirs for fertilisers, herbicides or pesticides. The benefits are a safer, faster and much more cost-effective solution.
Irrigation – With the correct sensors, drones can identify which parts of a field are receiving too little or too much water. Drones also allow for precise measurement of health, heat and density of the crop allowing irrigation adjustments to be made.
Planting – Some companies are starting to experiment with drone planting by shooting pods and seeds directly into the soil.

We would like to welcome Quayclean to the Melbourne Market, who have been managing the cleaning and waste management contract from Thursday, 1 September.

The Quayclean team come to us with a wealth of experience across extensive, multi-disciplinary facilities and is looking forward to meeting the tenants and market users over the coming weeks.

They are focused on delivering a seamless transition across the Market, with innovations around equipment, waste management and cleaning services being implemented in the coming months. 

Industry News
How to Identify Plants and Flowers Using Your iPhone Camera
If you are looking for an easy way to identify the species of plants and flowers that doesn’t involve reaching for a taxonomy book, then try your iPhone. You don’t even need to purchase an app, because in iOS 15 and later, Apple’s software includes a feature called Visual Lookup that will do just what you need.

Click here to find out more.

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