Flower Market Circular – 5 December 2018

Edition 94: Australian native flower industry booming
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In this edition of the Flower Market Circular:

– Australian native flower industry booming
– Christmas trading hours
– North East Link first item of business for Andrews government

Australian native flower industry booming

As demand for native flowers booms across Australia, the flower industry is lobbying for new players to enter so they can reclaim sales into their lucrative export markets.
With wedding and event trends favouring natives and florists pushing the product, demand is at levels not seen since before the global financial crisis.
According to Flowers Australia, sales have increased five-fold since 2010 and the industry is now worth about $350 million.
Watch this segment from Landline on the ABC, which discusses the booming native flower industry as well as the associated challenges.

Christmas trading hours

‘Tis the season to inform you of Christmas/New Year trading hours…
The Market will be open on regular days and hours through the holiday period, (Monday – Friday, 3:30am – 7:30am) except for public holidays, when the Market is closed.
Tuesday 25 December – Market Closed
Wednesday 26 December – Market Closed
Tuesday 1 January – Market Closed

Diesel station works begin!

Work began Monday on the new unmanned diesel station with temporary fencing delivered to the site, which is situated near gate 2. Construction will progress throughout December and January with the station expected to open to its first customers early in the new year.
It’s an exciting project and will be a great addition to the Market, allowing you to fill up before during or after trade, meaning less unnecessary stops during your day.

Fresh Five

This week we talk to Lilly and Melly from Market Espresso Bar.
1. Your role at the Melbourne Market: 
Melly: We do everything in here, make coffees, do dishes, deliveries, making sandwiches, working in the kitchen…
Lilly: We’re cafe allrounders!
2. If you could only take three fruits or vegetables with you to a desert island, which would you take:
Melly: Orange – if I’m thirsty I can use the juice, cucumber because it’s refreshing, the desert would be so hot; and mangoes just cause they’re my favourite, I’m always asking the boss to get me a box of mangoes.
Lilly: Watermelon and mangoes because I love them and tomatoes, it’s the only veggie I eat.
3. When was the last time you bought flowers for someone (or had them bought for you):
Melly: I bought flowers for my Aunty when she was in hospital, I got them from here at the Market and one of the florists arranged them for me in a beautiful vase; but it was such a shame, in the end the hospital wouldn’t let me bring in fresh flowers to the ward so I had to just show my Aunty a picture of them.
Lilly: On my birthday some of the traders here gave me flowers, it was really nice.
4. Tell us something that is on your ‘bucket list’:
Melly: Not sure, but when I do die I want the whole Market to come to my funeral!
Lilly: I want to go and visit my sister’s grave-site, I’ve never seen it as she’s buried on a different island to where I grew up.
5. What do you most enjoy about working at the Melbourne Market:
Melly: I love making good coffee and annoying the boss (“She’s good at that” says cafe owner Paul, laughing from across the room)
Lilly: Eating all the beautiful food in our cafe and being able to take home boxes of mangoes!

Market Espresso Bar is located in the Flower Market and open from 11:00pm to 11:00am each day

North East Link first item of business for Andrews government

The Victorian Labor government will immediately call for expressions of interest for the $16 billion North East Link ring road project. Once completed, it is anticipated North East Link will significantly reduce travel times to and from the Melbourne Market for our retailers and growers based in the South-East.  But don’t move your alarm clocks forward just yet, the new freeway isn’t expected to open to traffic until 2027.
Read more about the government’s North East Link project on theage.com.au

Florist photography: why it’s so important & top tips

Good photography is so important in a creative industry like floristry. Head to theflorist.co.uk to check out their top tips on creating engaging and impactful floristry photography.

Bees matter in the Market

Bee keepers from the Wheen Bee Foundation toured the Market a few weeks ago with an observation hive filled with over 5000 bees to talk to us about Why Bees Matter.
Did you know the majority of our food crops depend on honey bees as the most significant pollinator for commercial food production? You can import honey to Australia, but you cannot import the pollinators, so bees matter!
The Wheen Bee Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation that promotes awareness of the importance of bees for food security, and raises funds for research that addresses the national and global threats to bees.
To find out more go to wheenbeefoundation.org.au
November was National Pollinator month, and the Wheen Bee Foundation are taking donations via mygivingcircle.org, you can also vote for your favourite animal charity (without donating any money) via the site with the winning charity receiving $5,000!

The Wheen Bee Foundation created this video showing their tour of the Melbourne Market

Fancy yourself being Facebook Famous?

Well maybe not quite ‘famous’ but we are looking for volunteers to feature on our social media pages.
If you follow the Melbourne Market’s Facebook page you may have already seen the likes of Harry, Dom and John featured. The Facebook page is a great way to for the Market community to connect with consumers, showing the quality produce and expert knowledge you get by shopping at your local green grocer. We are looking for volunteers to speak on video about in-season produce, each video will only go for around 30-60 seconds, and don’t worry, we’ll give you plenty of tips and help on what to say. If you would like to be involved email zenab@artandstyle.com.au or call 0421 087 738, and if you see the lovely Zenab from Art and Style walking around the Market looking for volunteers, put your hand up!

Updated fees

On 1 January each year, general Market fees, including access cards and parking, increase by a fixed 4 per cent.
Click here to view the updated schedule of fees, as of 1 January 2019.
Store leases and warehouse leases increase 31 August or the anniversary of the lease term annually.

How to create Orchids with an ‘urban jungle’ style

Key Dates

Tuesday 25 December – Christmas Day Market Closed
Wednesday 26 December – Boxing Day Market Closed
Tuesday 1 January – New Year’s Day Market Closed

Ask the MMA

If you’ve got a question or suggestion for the MMA email it to submissions@melbournemarket.com.au.

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