Flower Market Circular – 17 October 2019

Saturday Flower Market
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Saturday Flower Market – open to the public trial will not go-ahead

After a considerable amount of feedback from the Flower Market community, the Saturday Flower Market open-to-the-public trial, will not be going ahead at this time.

There were only a handful of standholders who indicated their intention to take part in the trial. Such a small number of sellers will not create the scale and variety of product to make visiting the Flower Market desirable for members of the general public.

The idea of a Saturday open-to-the-public trial was raised at a flower advisory committee meeting, as an initiative to raise the profile of the Flower Market and increase customer traffic.

The advisory committee represents the Flower Market as a whole, and the MMA encourages all standholders and florists to regularly speak with your advisory committee members to ensure the views communicated to the MMA represent the broader view of the whole Flower Market community.

The MMA understand many of you believe there is still a need to develop initiatives to raise the profile of the Flower Market, and we will continue to work with the flower advisory committee and other members of the Market community and flower industry on this matter.

There are still two available spots on the flower advisory committee, and to seek a broader view of the whole flower industry, we would particularly encourage florists to apply for a position. Speak to David Whitchelo via 9258 6100 or david.whitchelo@melbournemarket.com.au if you are interested in joining the advisory committee.

For all enquiries call 03 9258 6100

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