Florist Parking Update – 640

DATE: 9 December 2014

Feedback has been heard

The Melbourne Market Authority (MMA) communicated the proposed fee for all buyers last month. Following this communication and subsequent feedback from the Flower Market growers and buyers, a reduced parking fee for flower buyers is proposed. This reflects that the key trading days for the Flower Market are limited to Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays (refer below of revised parking fees).

Special offer for flower buyers

In addition, all flower buyers who elect to secure a parking bay at the new Market will receive the first three months FREE from the date of opening.


While florists have been allowed to park in unreserved car spaces for free at West Melbourne, at the new Market all visitors will need to pay a fee for parking. This means all Market users contribute to the provision and operation of the Market infrastructure – which comes at a significant cost.

Revised parking fees

The parking fees for flower buyers are:

Vehicle Type Parking fees inc. GST
(Dec 2014)
Reserved covered parking
Rigid truck bay
$170.35 per qtr On perimeter of the Flower Market building (shaded red on map)
Unreserved uncovered parking
Rigid truck bay
Car/Van bay
$116.20 per qtr
$102.95 per qtr
Area shaded yellow on map
Area shaded purple on map
Casual open parking*
Florists – rigid truck bay
Car/Van bay
$40 per day
$11.50 per day
Area shaded yellow on map
Area shaded purple on map


*Casual parking means very infrequent parking

The unreserved uncovered parking fees for a car result in a parking fee of just $2.64 per day if visiting the Market 3 days per week.

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