First Day of Trade at Epping

We’re here! Congratulations everyone for achieving a successful opening day at our new Market.

It was fantastic to see the Market in full swing this morning, full of fresh produce and familiar smiling faces. Tomorrow we look forward to welcoming our colleagues in the Flower Market too.

The Melbourne Market team have been particularly impressed with how Market users have all moved around the site. We appreciate everyone’s patience with parking and would like to commend all forklift and electric vehicle drivers for adhering to speed limits and using designated pathways.

It was also a pleasure to walk around at the end of trade to a relatively waste free market. The new recycle stations got a good work out today and we hope that we can continue to keep our market clean and leave no waste on the ground.

A couple quick reminders:

Access Cards

  • Remember to display your access card at all times. Easy options are wearing a lanyard, clipping your card to your vest, using a vest with a plastic display pocket or by getting one of our free arm bands. Ask your nearest Market Relations Officer for an armband (while stocks last).
  • If you haven’t applied for your access card, visit the ground floor of the Melbourne Market administration building this week.


  • If you have received your parking permit ensure you display it on your windscreen.
  • Check the bay number on your permit. The bay number is written in black. Refer to the below diagram:
parking permit sample
  • If you are still in the process of finalising your parking and you are in a passenger vehicle, please park at P1 located in front of the administration building. If you require parking inside the market, please follow the directions of the Market Relations Officers.

General inquiries


  • If you have questions relating to the site such as traffic, recycling or maintenance queries contact the Help Desk: 0437 006 459.

As I have said before, how we operate on day one, may not be the way we do things on day 30, 60 or 100. We will continue to evaluate, adapt and change however I’m pleased to report that day one has been a great starting point.

Congratulations to everyone.

Mark Maskiell
Chief Executive Officer

For all enquiries call 03 9258 6100

7AM - 3PM, MON - FRI