Driver Safety By-Law Direction – 633

Heading into the busy Summer season and preparing for the move to Epping, it’s an ideal time to re-visit safe workplace practices, especially with regard to driver safety.


Whilst drivers at the Market are some of the most skilled in the business, accidents can still happen. Following the rules of the Market, and complying with workplace safety rules and guidelines provides a safer workplace for all – ensuring we all get home safely.


A safety initiative monitoring driver safety in the Market across all vehicle types, including forklifts has been launched.


The following activities are prohibited in the Market and will be a focus for this initiative:

– Not wearing seatbelts;

– Use of hand held mobile phones while driving;

– Smoking while driving a forklift;

– Vehicles on the buyers walks;

– Failure to give way at pedestrian crossings; and

– Vehicles (scooters) left running unattended.]


Market users are reminded of By-Laws 12.1.2(a) and 12.1.3 which require that all market users obey traffic signs in the market and do not leave the motors of vehicles running.


In addition, the Authority hereby issues a Direction under By-Law 17 of the Melbourne Market Authority By-Laws 2012 as follows

  • If a Vehicle in the Market is fitted with a seatbelt, and that Vehicle is moving or is stationary but not parked, a person within that Vehicle must wear a seatbelt.
  • The driver of a Vehicle in the Market must not operate a hand held mobile phone or radio or smoke while that Vehicle is moving.

Market users who fail to comply with the above Direction will be in breach of By-Law 18.1.1.

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