Coronavirus (COVID-19) update – Tuesday 31 March 2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19) update – 31 March 2020
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Coronavirus (COVID-19) update – Tuesday 31 March 2020

  • Temperature testing to begin in the Market from Thursday
  • Gates 2 and 3 and P1 pedestrian turnstile will be closed once temperature checking commences
  • Yesterday’s announcement to restrict electric vehicles in trading floor amended
  • All electric vehicles limited to one person only across the whole of the site
  • Melbourne’s North Food Group offering COVID-19 webinar

Temperature testing
The MMA has developed a process for temperature checking, which will commence at entry gate 1 from this Thursday afternoon, 2 April. Temperature testing will be used as a screening tool to help ensure potential COVID-19 infected persons do not enter the Market. We are working with an external business to provide this service.

Entry process
When temperature testing commences, entry and exit at gates 2 and 3, as well as the P1 pedestrian turnstile, will be closed until further notice.
At gate 1, entry lanes 1, 3 and 5 will be open with lanes 2 and 4 closed.
As you approach gate 1, you will need to stop and put down your window. A person in protective wear will use an infrared thermometer to test your temperature from a distance. The thermometer does not make contact with your skin, and you will remain in your vehicle.

Normal temperature range
Persons recording a normal temperature range, which is a temperature under 38C, will be able to proceed through gate 1, into the Market site.
If a person records a temperature of 38C or above, they will be asked to move their vehicle to a holding area, where they have the opportunity to be tested again 10 minutes later. The second test is conducted to allow a person time to cool down if the temperature was not from a fever, but the result of strenuous activity or similar.
If in 10 minutes, the person’s temperature still records as being 38C or over, they will not be able to enter the Market. At this point, the person would be advised to seek medical advice.

Who will be tested?
Every person entering the Market, either as a driver, vehicle passenger or pedestrian will be temperature tested. If there are multiple passengers in a single-vehicle, and one person records a temperature over 38C, then all persons travelling in that vehicle will be denied entry. Any person who registers a temperature over 38C, will not be able to enter the Market for 14 days.

Importance of access cards
Every person entering the Market will not only have their temperature tested, but they will need to present their Market access card. Those who do not have their access card will be required to go into the gate 1 security office to verify their identity. We want to stress the importance of having your access card with you at all times, but particularly when entering the Market. Those without their access card are likely to cause delays for themselves and others at gate 1.

Possible delays
These processes are for the health and safety of all Market users and to help ensure COVID-19 does not spread throughout the Market; however, they may cause some inconvenience.
We can’t be 100% sure how the process will impact entry wait times at gate 1. These measures are to keep people healthy and businesses functioning; we ask that you accept that during this period, you may experience some inconveniences in the way you are used to doing business at the Market.

Amendment to electric vehicles in the trading floor rule
We received feedback from several traders that the ban on electric vehicles on the trading floor (grower’s section) will have a detrimental effect on some businesses. The reason for the initiative was to help ensure social distancing guidelines were being followed. It is challenging to adhere to social distancing rules with people entering a 21m2 trading stand from both the pedestrian pathway and roadways. The MMA’s intent was to restrict trading from both sides of the stand and encourage trading only from the pedestrian pathway.
There is no set rule book for this crisis, it is unprecedented, but we are swiftly trialling and implementing initiatives to reduce the risk of the virus spreading in the Market, and at the same time, we are listening to your feedback to get things right.
We have amended yesterday’s operational change to now allow electric vehicles back on the trading floor; however, they will be limited to one person per vehicle. We remind you that each business must take responsibility to ensure that social distancing rules are adhered to on your stand.

Electric vehicles restricted to one person across the site
All-electric vehicles will be limited to one person per vehicle, no passengers, across the entire Market site. This applies to all Market users.

Reducing the risk of COVID-19 at the Market
The critical piece of advice for Market users is, if you are feeling unwell, you should stay at home and seek medical advice. Do not attend the Market for work, or to purchase flowers or produce, if you are feeling unwell in any way.
The MMA continues to investigate health and safety measures to help stop the spread of the virus; we will update you on any changes to Market procedure and operations as they occur.

Melbourne’s North Food Group webinar
Melbourne’s North Food Group are running a webinar that aims to give you knowledge and tools to help your business manage the COVID-19 crisis.
Thursday 2 April 2020, 2:00pm-2:45pm.
What will be covered?

  • Government support and incentives available to your business.
  • How to update your financial projections, estimate financial impacts and develop mitigation strategies.
  • Planning for sale drops, delayed debt collections, supply trouble, and workforce availability.
  • Actions to improve your cash flow.
  • Understanding your employee entitlements.
  • Protecting your assets.

For further information, contact Tyler Harford on 0447 777 914, or click here to register.
A summary of previous COVID-19 updates and operational changes are kept on our website, click here to access.
If you have any further questions, you can call the 24-hour security number, 0408 334 555.

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