Coronavirus (Covid-19) update – 17 February 2022

Coronavirus (COVID-19) update – 17 February 2022 View this email in your browser
Coronavirus (COVID-19) update – Thursday 17 February 2022 

New penalties for face mask non-compliance

 As the key facility relied upon by Victorians to keep the fresh produce supply chain running, every Melbourne Market user must do all that we can to stay safe and healthy as we continue to navigate work and life with COVID-19 prevalent in the community. 

The wearing of face masks indoors is a compulsory requirement in Victoria. The well-known rule is applicable across the state, but perhaps even more important at a facility of state significance like the Melbourne Market. 

We are approaching the second anniversary of the COVID-19 pandemic, and while many of us may be experiencing COVID fatigue, rules around face mask use are well known, have been proven to effectively reduce the spread of the virus and must be followed. 

From Monday 21 February, any person on Market Land found not wearing a fitted face mask over the nose and mouth will be subject to an immediate 24-hour suspension (unless an exemption applies). With face mask rules well established and in place for some time, MRO’s will no longer issue written warnings before a suspension is issued. 
This rule will apply to everyone; store holders, buyers, growers, transport operators, flower market users, administration staff, cafe operators, contractors, MROs, cleaners and MMA employees alike. 

Existing face mask rules and subsequent penalties exclude those with a valid mask exemption or while eating, drinking, smoking or taking medication. 

We thank the market community for continuing to do the right thing and for your cooperation in relation to mask-wearing. 
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