Coronavirus (COVID-19) update – 16 October 2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19) update – 16 October 2020
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Coronavirus (COVID-19) update – Friday 16 October

Temperature screening process
Face covering rules clarified

Temperature Screening
As we continue to adapt to a new way of working, one key preventative safety measure that will continue at the Melbourne Market for the foreseeable future is temperature screening upon entry.
While temperature screening has been part of the market entry procedure for some months now, the below is an important reminder of what you should expect, and what is required of each individual entering the Melbourne Market.

Every person entering the market is required to undertake a non-invasive temperature screening, which involves a thermometer placed approximately 10cm from your forehead. If you are in a vehicle with multiple passengers, all passengers are required to undertake the temperature screening, not just the driver. Those on the passenger side of the vehicle will be required to exit the vehicle (regardless of the vehicle’s height) and present for screening on the driver’s side. Due to the increased height of some vehicles, drivers may have to dismount from the cabin to have their temperature screened, particularly those in articulated vehicles or semi-trailers.

It is worth highlighting that the requirement to dismount from your vehicle may change from day-to-day due to the varying heights of the temperature screeners themselves. The thermometer can be extended to the open window for screening of the driver; however, if the screener is shorter and still cannot reach window height from a ground standing position, you will be required to disembark. The decision as to whether you need to disembark or remain in your cabin is at the discretion of the temperature screener.

To avoid injury, and for the safety of both drivers and temperature screeners, under no circumstances should a driver or passenger lean out of a vehicle’s open door for temperature screening, if the thermometer cannot reach your forehead, you must disembark the cabin. You must be wearing your face mask when you present at the gate for temperature screening. Any person registering a temperature of 38C or above will be denied entry to the market. We understand that during these uncertain times, people can become frustrated; however, it is unacceptable to verbally abuse a temperature screener. Temperature screening is helping to ensure Melbourne Market tenants, users and businesses remain safe and operational.

Anyone refusing or attempting to by-pass temperature screening will be removed from the market and penalties, including suspensions, will apply.

Face coverings
As of 11 October, updated face-covering rules came into effect in Victoria.
All Victorians must wear a fitted face mask when they leave home, no matter where they live, and these rules apply when you are at the Melbourne Market.

As directed by the Chief Health Officer (CHO), face shields, bandanas, and scarves are no longer considered a sufficient face covering and cannot be worn on their own. There have been questions around the use of snoods, buffs and gaiters as face coverings at the Melbourne Market. CHO directions do not allow the use of loose snoods, loose buffs or loose gaiters on their own, as acceptable face coverings.

After reviewing the CHO directions, the MMA is implementing a directive under its authority, where snoods, buffs or gaiters cannot be worn at the Melbourne Market, regardless if they are fitted or loose. This expanded rule is to ensure the safety of the Market community and to provide clarity and enforceable directions concerning face coverings. 

As an essential part of the food and flower supply chain, it is critical that all business that operate from the Melbourne Market, adhere to all COVID regulations. We thank those in the market community who continue to do the right thing. 

A summary of previous COVID-19 updates and operational changes are kept on our website, click here to access.

If you have any further questions, you can call the 24-hour security number, 0408 334 555. 
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