April 2015 Epping flower market UPDATE

PDF:  April 2015 Epping flower market UPDATE

Four months to go!

Target opening date announced – 3 August 2015

Access to the new Market

All businesses going to the new Market (i.e. have committed to a licence, a lease, a parking permit for Epping) will soon be sent a letter asking them to formally notify the MMA of the business principal and a ‘business nominee’.

A ‘business nominee’ is the person in the business who has authorisation to issue access cards to principals, directors, employees, contractors and consultants of a market business.

To provide this information, the business will need to return the form included in the letter to the MMA by the advised due date.

Once this has been done and accepted by the MMA, employees can begin the process of getting an access card. The next step will be for individuals to complete the online induction. The online induction will be similar to the one you did for the West Melbourne Market and will cover topics such as access, safety, finding your way around and emergency procedures.

The online induction will be available in May. To learn more about getting your access card, go to the ‘Market Relocation’ tab and look at the ‘Orientation and Site Induction’ page of the MMA website.

Market operating rules

The current By-Laws in place at West Melbourne have been reviewed and are being replaced with new operating rules as part of the transition to the new Market at Epping.

Many of the changes to the way we operate have already been introduced at West Melbourne, so everyone can get used to the rules before the move.

The new operating rules at Epping will be linked to leases, licences and access cards.

Based on feedback from the Advisory Committee and market community in 2014, the rules were revised and new operating rules are being released this month. You will be able to see the new operating rules on the MMA website.

There are two main changes in the new version of the operating rules:

  1. Enforcement is linked to access cards. If you receive five or more demerit points over two years, you won’t be able to access the market.
  2. An appeals process has been created, so if you don’t agree with an alleged breach of the rules you can appeal.

Recycling management at Epping

Recycling isn’t just good for the environment, it’s also good for your business.

The two main reasons we’re working towards increased recycling are to:

  • have a cleaner, greener Market
  • minimise the cost of operating the Market – and therefore the cost to Market tenants, increasing cost effectiveness and competitiveness.

How will it work?

At your stand, you’ll sort waste into seven recycling streams:

  • Organic
  • Cardboard
  • Polystyrene
  • Plastic
  • Shrink wrap
  • Timber
  • General/mixed

There will be ‘satellite recycling stations’ for you to drop off the sorted waste. These will be close to both the fruit and vegetable and flower market.

To make sure we’re all doing the right thing and separating waste, these stations will be monitored by CCTV cameras and Market Relations Officers.

If you don’t sort your waste into the recycling streams or illegally dump waste or leave any waste on the ground, you’ll be charged a landfill disposal fee and be issued demerit penalty points under the new operating rules.

Bulk or palleted produce can be delivered directly to the Recycling Centre, or separated waste can be collected from your licensed area for a fee.

We’ll give you some more information about the recycling process over the next couple of months so you’ll be ready when we transition to the new Market at Epping.

Flower market site visits

Following on from the success of the site visits in March and a high level of interest, we’re working towards offering more flower market site visits. Keep an eye out for the flower market circular email for information about site visits at the end of April.

Planned site visits Time
Friday 24 April 2015 10:00am to 11.00am
Sunday 26 April 2015 10:00am to 11.00am

To book:

 Flower market parking

Around 200 florists and around 60 flower market stand holders submitted parking Expressions of Interest (EOI).

Following site visits to the new Market at Epping and your feedback, we’ve made some changes to the parking.

All van and car parking will be on the southern side of the flower market building. Trolley hire has been moved to this side of the building and the speed humps will be removed to allow trolley access to cars and vans.

The northern side of the flower market building will be for rigid truck parking.

Florists have requested additional options of ‘reserved uncovered car/van’ and ‘reserved uncovered rigid truck’ parking, and this is being provided. The pricing for these options is outlined in the table below.

Generally unreserved, uncovered parking is the most cost effective and hassle free option for most florists. If visiting the Market twice per week in a car/van this averages $3.95 per visit.

Parking arrangements are being finalised and are being discussed with the Advisory Committees. Parking allocations will be advised by letter in May.

Vehicle Type Florist parking fees inc. GST (June 2015) Flower stand holder parking fees inc. GST (June 2015)
Reserved covered parking Rigid truck bay $170.35 per qtr $340.80 per qtr
Reserved uncovered parking Rigid truck bay $154.90 per qtr $309.80 per qtr
Car/Van bay $137.25 per qtr $274.50 per qtr
Unreserved uncovered parking Rigid truck bay $116.20 per qtr $232.40 per qtr
Car/Van bay $102.95 per qtr $204.90 per qtr
Casual (very infrequent)
open parking
Rigid truck bay $40 per day $40 per day
Car/Van bay $23 per day $23 per day
Car/Van bay* $11.50 per day $11.50 per day

* Car park adjacent to administration building, before Gate 1 entry. Forklifts and trolleys do not have access to this car park.

For florists considering casual parking (uncovered bays only), there are two options:

Option 1

$11.50 per day option provides you with a car/van park outside the Market (in front of the Administration Building) using a ticketed pay and display system, similar to some major shopping centres. You won’t be able to take a hand trolley to this area. For example, it may only be suitable if you’re purchasing a very small quantity of flowers once per fortnight
or less, or for employees working very casual hours.

Option 2

$23 per day option gives you a car/van park inside the Market, in the unreserved parking area. You can take a hand trolley to this area. You’ll need to make sure you’ve got credit on your access card to pay for parking, similar to a CityLink account. We’ll give you some more information about how you can do this closer to the move. For example, this type of parking may only be suitable if you are buying large quantities of flowers once a month or less.

Getting ready to move

We’re less than four months out from the relocation to Epping. You need to start preparing for the transition now.

By being prepared, you are setting your business up for success at the new Market at Epping.

Below is a checklist of things you should aim to have ticked off over the next couple of months. This is just to get you started, and is not a full list – you’ll need to think about the needs of your business.

Flower stand checklist

Complete (if required)

Item Action Complete
Parking Parking Expression of Interest lodged
Warehousing Applied for warehouse space


Complete (if required)

Item Action Complete
Access Business principals to complete forms
All employees to complete online induction
Site visit Principal and employees to attend site visits
Locate services on map (see March Update)
Site inspection Principal and employees to inspect location of stand/warehousing/parking
Suppliers Create a list of suppliers
Check supplier contracts and notice periods
Check disconnection/installation/redirection requirements
List cancellations
Stationery Run down supplies so they don’t need to be moved
Make list of materials with current address including printed materials and templates, e.g: letterhead, business cards, email signatures
Start a list of the customers (especially seasonal/ irregular customers) you’ll need to tell you are moving
Tell customers where you will be located at Epping and show location on map
Information Make sure your contact details are up to date with the MMA so you receive information about the relocation
Insurance Ask provider about changes to: contents insurance,
vehicle insurance
Storage Start sorting out materials to be moved to Epping


For all enquiries call 03 9258 6100

7AM - 3PM, MON - FRI